Tameen Imran Application Package Peer Review – 4.1

To: Tameen Imran, “The Writing Prose” Team Member

From: Connor Runnalls, ENGL 301 Student

Date: December 16, 2019

Subject: Application Package Draft – Peer Review

Good evening Tameen,

I would like to first commend you for a fantastic start to your application package. The package is complete, well rounded and highlights your strengths nicely. The resume, in particular, is very well done and showcases your extensive employment background, skills, and abilities. The most significant issue to pay attention to is the formatting and writing in the package. As detailed below, there are some grammatical revisions to be made which will enhance the professionalism of your paper. Furthermore, the full template of the review as been attached in addition to the original application package.

First Impressions

  • From a glance, the application package is complete and easy to follow
  • The separate categories of the package are in order, easy to find, and flow logically

Job Posting

  • The Job posting has been included with MLA citation

Cover Letter

  • The cover letter is concise and to the point
  • Skills and experience are highlighted
  • Some grammatical revisions necessary
    • Some lengthy sentences
  • Include return address


  • The Résumé is clearly labeled with headings and subheadings
  • Fully entails skills, education, and previous employment
  • Consider moving computer skills to the skills and abilities section
    • Makes sense to keep skills with skills
  • Include a references section
    • Even if it is “upon request” it communicates to those reviewing the profile that references are available.
  • Revise the sentence “… skills to their fullest potential”

Reference Requests

  • Reference requests have clear, positive connections with the specified reader
  • Notes which abilities/skills the reference should speak to in a letter of reference
  • Proofread letters, grammatical issues in which sentences don’t quite make sense, or repeat a statement unnecessarily.
  • Certain statements could be made more professional
    • “I figured you…” (reference request #2) could be eliminated completely, thus making the sentence more professional from the You-Attitude standpoint


  • The application package in itself is very strong. All aspects are fulfilled as requested by the Unit 4.1 instructions. The You-Attitude is implemented well, however, there are adjustments (as noted above) that will strengthen the package by increasing professionalism and readability.


  • The organization of the application package is clear and easy to follow. Small adjustments to the cover letter (address) and reference letters (ensuring font size are same the entire way through- revise reference-request #3) will ensure all details are included in the package, as well as minimizing any distraction throughout the reading.

Final Thoughts

  • Overall this is a very strong application package. I am impressed by the well-rounded background of employment and abilities which stood out nicely in the resume.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with this peer review, please do not hesitate to email me at connor.runnalls@gmail.com.

Great Job!

Peer Review Template – Tameen Imran Application Package Review 4.1

Tameen Imran Application Package Draft – Tameen Imran – Application Package


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