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Peer Review of Taras Shyp’s Memo to Eric Crisp

Peer Review 3.1 Memo Taras Shyp To:         Taras Shyp From:    Morgan Brandt Date:      November 24, 2019 Subject: Peer Review of Your Memo to Eric Crisp   Hello Taras,   Thank you for submitting your

Memorandum to Evan Crisp

Memorandum To: Evan Crisp, Student From: Andree Coschizza, ENGL 301 student Date: November 22, 2019 Subject: Best Practices for Professional E-mail Writing   Thank you for the opportunity to read your e-mail to Professor Lambert concerning course enrollment. This was

Unit 2 Reflections

Hello class, After the initial unit, we had a longer and more challenge Unit 2 with various assignments, which as I was fully convinced had plenty of practical implications. What I enjoyed during the unit, is the combination of various

Unit 2:3 Formal Report Outline-Reduction of aerosol bacteria in clinical dental hygiene practice

Reduction of aerosol bacteria in clinical dental hygiene practice I. INTRODUCTION A. Problem Identify the problem observed within scope of practice Describe the purpose of the research report B. Intervention The dental hygienist role in the prevention of aerosol bacteria

Unit 2.3 – Formal Report Outline – Feasibility Study

Determining the Feasibility and Highest and Best Use for Redevelopment of 1510 E Pender St INTRODUCTION Letter of transmittal Table of contents Executive summary Definition of the problem Scope of the inquiry DATA SECTION Land description and analysis Dimensions, shape

An Example of a Linked-In Peer Review (it’s never to late to self-edit!)

ENGL 301: LinkedIn Peer Review Form Here is an example of an excellent LinkedIn peer review to study: well organized, complete, concise and clear. Please note the minimal use of pronouns: I / You / Yours Please note the minimal

Memorandum for Formal Report Proposal by Erfan Ahmed

To: Dr. Erika Paterson, Instructor From: Erfan Ahmed, Student Date: October 11, 2019 Subject: Formal report proposal Dear Dr.Paterson, I have completed the proposal report for reducing household waste and carbon emissions in promoting a sustainable lifestyle within Metro Vancouver.

Memorandum – Project Proposal Submission

Memorandum  To:          Dr. Erika Patterson, Instructor of ENGL 301 From:      Emily Leung, student of ENGL 301 Date:       October 11, 2019 Subject:   Project proposal submission to the writing team forum   As

Lesson 2.1 Memorandum for Formal Report Proposal

To: Dr. Erika Paterson, ENGL 301 Instructor From: Eric Chang, ENGL 301 Student Date: October 10, 2019 Subject: Formal report proposal    Dear Dr. Paterson, I have now completed my formal report proposal and posted it onto the team seven

Lesson 2.1 – Research Proposal for a Formal Report

To: Erika Patterson, ENGL 301 Instructor From: Jobina Tamminga, ENGL 301 Student Date: October 9, 2019 Subject: Proposal for Increasing Participation in the Science Undergraduate Society at UBC Introduction The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) at UBC is an student organization


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