3D Printing

3D printing is the process of creating an object using a machine that putting down material layer by layer until the desired object is formed. Such printers use specifications generated by computer modeling applications or by3D scans of existing objects. This process of creating 3D models is much faster than many traditional methods of creating prototypes or replicas of existing objects, facilitating an innovative culture of learning in which students can quickly move from imagination to the production of a solid model. 3D printers also allow users anywhere to “build” their own versions of rare or delicate artifacts, expanding access to items that can enable learners in many fields.

Opportunity Statement

3D Printing is affordable enough to be in most schools.   The opportunity for teachers and learners to design and fabricate almost anything they wish is a breakthrough dimension of learning equivalent to that of the original (2D) desktop publishing.

Prediction Source(s)

Educause – 7 Things

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