Open Learning Environments

Education is breaking free of the confines of the LMS (Learning Management System).   Abundant online (mostly free!) tools and services allow both students and teachers to take advantage of broader resources and potentials within self-managed Open Learning Environments (OLEs).   The inherent flexibility and autonomy encourages learners and educators to ‘own’ the learning experience in authentic, responsible ways.  ETEC522, for example, operates in a blog outside of Vista – we’re currently looking for the next OLE platform to host ETEC522 so this is an important analysis zone for the course itself.

Opportunity Statement

OLE ventures can offer better products and services for specific components of learning, as well as  to help students and teachers better success in self-managing their evolving OLEs.  Further ventures could support more effective parent involvement as well as to create bridges into more formal administrative systems.

Prediction Source(s)

Educause – Digital Learning Ecosystems

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