Greetings from Colorado, USA (and soon to be London, UK)!

Just hanging with my pals…

Hello there fellow METers! My name is Jen; I’m a crazy American about to move to the UK (for just a few months) in just a few short hours (3 to be exact). I figured I would try to get a jump on posting as I’m not sure how available I will be this week as I get settled into my new home away from home.

This is my 7th (or 8th, depending on how you look at it) MET course. I started the program last September and have been enjoying my time here immensely! Outside of school, I am a Lego Engineering Instructor. (Yes, this is a real job, and yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.) I get to teach children engineering/physics concepts through play. We have a great time!

Other than school and work, most of my time is spent creating. Whether I am on stage, filming, shooting (both in front of and behind the camera), or editing, I am always most comfortable, productive, and happy when I have a creative project to work on. Last semester, I chose to focus research on fandom and its possibilities in education. I am very proud of my work in this realm, especially since it is a personal passion of mine.


I am most easily reached (at any time) at sillyauntjen AT gmail DOT com. I look forward to exploring Ventures with you all!


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