Gartner’s 2012 Top Ten Strategic Technol…

Gartner’s 2012 Top Ten Strategic Technologies are as follows:

  1. Media Tablets and Beyond
  2. Mobile-Centric Applications and Interfaces.
  3. Contextual and Social User Experience.
  4. Internet of Things.
  5. App Stores and Marketplaces.
  6. Cloud Computing.
  7. Next-Generation Analytics.
  8. Big Data.
  9. In-Memory Computing.
  10. Extreme Low-Energy Servers.

(NB. Cloud computing is number 10 in the original list because I find it is related to items 1-5 than the others)

From where I stand the list is in the right direction with some technologies already having taken off already and the remainder in the process of doing so. The projection is written from a business and not an ‘educentric’ lens but is a useful document to anyone involved in charting the course education of education today.

Items 1-6 is a shopping list of the technologies that are to build systems that provide the teaching and learning experiences that are required by today’s society.  All that needs to be done is to determine how best to adapt these to the needs of education.

Items 7-10 are definitely more for future projections than for the here and now as these technologies are now taking off and are not as established as the previous group and as such bring more risk with them. Educators must therefore exercise caution with these.

                Both groups provide ample possibilities for the venturers to exploit. It is mainly a case of how to make some educentric and how they and the others can be best put to use in an academic setting.


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