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  • sophiabb 12:08 am on November 26, 2012
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    Tags: Adoption, AEP-Online   

    The social services is rich and rewarding environment to work in but one that is often slow to adopt technology. The adoption community of families, social workers, and other professionals is no different. Yet, this is a sector that provides a lot of education for its constituents. Adoption education is mandated by law for families […]

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    • avninder 1:45 pm on November 26, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I am unable to view your pitches as there are “private” in YouTube. thx

    • avninder 2:26 pm on November 26, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi sophiabb,
      I viewed your elevator pitch and I think your concept is great. I never knew that there was a educational component to adoption. Potential parents not completing the requirements in a timely manner can have many negative consequences as you pointed out. Good luck if this is something that you will pursue.

    • Paula Poodwan 5:00 pm on November 26, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia

      I believe your venture is very unique, interesting, and viable. It will help save time and cost for your organization, you will not have to spend money for organizing the workshops. Your buyers will also save time from attending the face to face workshops, just attend it online. Very good idea!

      I clicked your venture pitch to find out more details because I am interested in your venture. Basically I got the info I wanted like the marketing, the team, the competitors etc. But I’m wondering how come your venture pitch is only 59 secs long. Did you provide the wrong one? Is it supposed to be 7-8 mins long?

      • sophiabb 2:09 am on November 28, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        Hi Paula, I did provide the wrong one – without audio. I have provided the link to the correct one but have left the other link up, because that was posted by the due date. Thanks for the interest in my venture and your feedback.

    • Mike Rae 5:58 am on November 27, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia, I thought your elevator pitch was great and it sounds like there is a real pain point there. Too bad I couldn’t see your full venture pitch though (no audio and only 59 seconds)
      looking forward to seeing it though

    • C. Ranson 12:53 pm on November 29, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia,
      Your venture pitch is very interesting. I didn’t realize there was such a problem in the adoption process and that there was a mandatory educational component. I was under the impression that adoptive parents were waiting patiently for adoptions to come up but your information is telling us otherwise. Your solution to this problem sounds very viable, your team is credible and your marketing strategy is strong. Being the first online program will give you a competitive edge and create better access for the consumer. Will your revenue be generated through families paying for the course or through companies that will use your services, or both?

      Well done.

      • sophiabb 7:36 pm on December 1, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        Hi Catherine,

        Thanks for your feedback. At this time we are thinking of both. Families paying – cost will match the face-to-face at launch as well as partners paying for our service.

    • jenniferschubertubc 4:53 pm on November 30, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia!

      What a unique find in the venture presentations! I think when most people think education, typical classroom lessons come to mind, whether they be K-12 or adult education. To see a project in action which placed it in broader terms of requirements for something so unique and special as adoption was quite refreshing!

      The elevator pitch really brought the pain point across about affording more access to the educational piece required for these families to adopt. It is painful to see children waiting for families, especially when something as trivial as access to the education stands in a potential family’s way. I do believe that your product would serve to remedy that issue and bring many more children home to families who desperately want them.

      The team all seem to be quite qualified with experience in both the educational and social services fields. I was very impressed and touched that a member of the team is an adoptive parent. There is nothing like first hand knowledge of these situations. I also felt, as a potential investor, somewhat secure knowing that the government guarantees a rate of return if social outcomes are met.

      I would also like to know how the revenue would work going forward. Would your service be something included in the general adoption fees? (Would your course be compensated as the face to face courses are now?)

      Well done!

      • sophiabb 7:34 pm on December 1, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        Hi Jennifer,

        At this time are not thinking of including the price in the general adoption fee – which can range from a few hundred dollars for local adoptions and as much as $60,000 for international. We are seeing this as at the price for the face-to-face is at about $750 per person.

    • Patrick Pichette 7:29 pm on November 30, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia,

      I appreciated the research and presentation of the pain point. I can see how this venture would be beneficial for adopting parents but in terms of an investment, I don’t see how I could get my money back through the limited market that would benefit from its implementation. I get the feeling that this would need to be pitched more towards a government grant than a typical investment venture. Still, I was very captivated by the efforts you are making to attack a very essential pain point felt by people in this situation. Thank you for sharing!!

    • frank 11:40 pm on November 30, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia,

      This is a great niche market opportunity.
      You build your pain point out of a legislative demand and a market need that is currently frustrated and not adequately met via traditional methods.
      I can see how the accessibility and scalability of your business will give it a competitive advantage over the current alternatives.
      I think your venture concept is original and feasible and has credibility to help it gain leverage and support over time.
      You have potential partners and sponsors ready to go, great!
      I don’t think marketing will be an issue, as long as the users are happy with your product.
      In that regard, I recommend you conduct talks with stakeholders and hold focus groups with past participants to really understand their needs pain points.
      In terms of the business model and venture plan, I recommend you do not do the NPO thing, and instead vie for a standard business model or a social venture. As far as the impact of the business itself is concerned, I think any model you use will have both an economic and a social impact. This idea saves clients money, while making adoption easier and it can still make money as a business and with its exit strategy, should you ever choose to use that. An NPO will wash out the latter two benefits for you.
      I’m ready to Invest.
      In fact, I’m ready to work with you if you need an intrepid business analyst/developer.

  • sophiabb 3:37 pm on October 20, 2012
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    Tags: collaborative, customize, engaging   

    I am really enjoying the presentations by the teams. I never gave much thought to AR , never even considered the possibility of having an AR app on my phone. Thanks to team AR, I am now playing with it. I attempted two of the activities – Zooburst and Layar. The links to my ‘creations’ […]

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  • sophiabb 5:32 pm on September 30, 2012
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    Tags: Blackboard Inc, , Expertise, Innovator, Michael Chasen, Online platforms, Passion, training   

    Michael Chasen is the president and chief executive officer for Blackboard Inc.  He and Matthew Pittinsky founded Blackboard in 1997. According to Blackboard Inc., “his expertise managing fast growth Internet software companies coupled with a passion to enhance education through technology has been critical to Blackboard’s success.” Chasen is recognized as an innovator. Among his many awards […]

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    • Lisa Nevoral 7:36 pm on September 30, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia,

      Michael Chasen definitely seems to have the background (undergrad – computer science and MBA) to competently lead the Blackboard Inc. team and make the company a success. I wonder if it will ever be used at the high school or middle school levels in Canada. Although it is cost-effective, school districts may opt to use open source learning management systems like Moodle to fill the need for these technologies to save on costs. But I commend Chasen for the forethought to work closely with universities and colleges, to spread the idea of the Blackboard Inc. LMS through them.


      • sophiabb 9:37 am on October 2, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        Hi Lisa, good point. Although there is a cost to Moodle (server hosting, tech support) it seems to be more cost effective than Blackboard. Many schools, colleges, and companies are using Moodle as their LMS.

    • jameschen 12:19 am on October 1, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi sophiabb,

      I think you made a good point about the importance of Chasen’s experience at KPMG being vital to the success of his company. It seems that successful entrepreneurs in learning technology need to have enough experience in both the business sector and the field of education before starting their own companies. Knowing how to build a company’s product from scratch also seems to be another key element in the success of an entrepreneur.


      • sophiabb 9:51 am on October 2, 2012 | Log in to Reply

        Hi James, great point re entrepreneurs involvement in the development from scratch. I think that entrepreneurs who are involved from scratch are more passionate and credible in their pitch delivery. Are we more inclined to say ‘yes’ to such an entrepreneur?

        • jameschen 4:03 pm on October 2, 2012 | Log in to Reply

          I think as an EVA in training, I am more inclined to say ‘yes’ to an entrepreneur who has credibility and competence and a viable idea (Section 2.6). Seeing how Blackboard is gradually expanding its operations, I think its initial investors made the right decision.


    • Peggy Lawson 7:15 pm on October 1, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Just as an aside – I attended Blackboard’s annual conference, Blackboard World, a few years ago. Michael know’s how to throw a great party!


  • sophiabb 10:15 pm on September 14, 2012
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    I reviewed Ambient Insight’s 2012 Learning Technology Research Taxonomy: Research Methodology, Product Definitions, and Licensing Model. First impression was of a typical marketing pitched document of this company’s services. There is that – many superlatives that describe its uniqueness or why one should purchase their service. However, this 50 page document also presents a research […]

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    • Jenny Brown 6:46 pm on September 16, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      I would agree with you that the report presents a taxonomy that could be used to examine or develop a business care for learning technology products and services. I am very unfamiliar with developing businesses cases for products so this report will be useful for our upcoming assignments. Thanks for passing on the Porter Five Forces Model as well.

  • sophiabb 6:02 pm on September 7, 2012
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    Hi, my name is Sophia and this is my third MET course. I have taught English and business administration at the secondary and post-secondary levels. At present, I am an education and youth services manager with a non-profit organization that provides many services to at-risk youth and the adoption community. I am a Jamaican Canadian […]

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    • sonofpat 9:27 pm on September 8, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Sophia,

      I did my first degree at uwi mona and l loved Jamaica. So it is very nice running into you here.


    • sophiabb 10:19 pm on September 14, 2012 | Log in to Reply

      Hi Patason,

      Thank you. I did my first degree and first masters there. Ah, fond memories.


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