Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Great Schools Project Teach-In: Thinking Differently About the Quality of Schools

The first of what may be many teach-ins organized by the Great Schools Project was held on Saturday, December 1st at the SFU Surrey campus. A group of 50 concerned teachers, parents, researchers, education activists, graduate students and administrators turned out for a morning of discussion about how we might get beyond simple, easily gathers indicators to broader, more complex ways of thinking about evaluating school quality. The discussion was primed by a short presentation from Alfie Kohn, an internationally recognized critic of many aspects of schooling.

Kohn’s presentation was followed by a presentation of the Great Schools Project’s thinking to date, including a set of principles and a toolkit for thinking about school evaluation.

If you are interested in discussing these ideas in your school, organization or community contact Sandra Mathison at sandra.mathison@ubc.ca