NEW Masters Program in the Institute for Critical Education Studies
Critical Pedagogy and Education Activism
MEd in Curriculum Studies
Begins July 2014

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Engaged and sustained intellectual education activism informed by critical pedagogy along with research, teaching, and evaluation methods that transform schools into ‘laboratories of democracy’ for the 21st century.


Labour action, appeals to environmentalism, equity and social justice, and private versus public education funding debates challenge teachers to negotiate the fluid boundaries between everyday curriculum and evaluation within the schools and critical analysis and activism in communities and the media. Teachers, teacher educators and researchers realize that intellectual activism is essential to learning and evaluation that is transformative.

The CPEA cohort will support the creative combination of scholarship and activism within education, encouraging critical reflection on both the conceptual and practical potential and limitations of that tradition.

Education activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about positive change in schools and education. An education activist works for positive change at the school level in how teaching and learning are conceptualized and the nature of relationships in education, and also at the workplace and community level in how educational policy, working conditions, and community relations are conceptualized, developed and maintained. Education activists can be teachers, students, counselors, librarians, administrators and educational researchers.


    • Summer 2015 
  • EDCP 501 – Seminar on CPEA I
  • ETEC 531 – Cultural & New Media Studies
    • September 2015
  • EDCP 562 – Intro to Curriculum Issues & Theory
  • EDUC 500 – Research Methodology in Education
    • January 2016
  • EPSE 530 – Cultural Perspectives on Learning, Development & Media


    • Summer 2016
  • EDCP 501 – Seminar on CPEA II
    • September 2016
  • EDCP 563 – Curriculum Evaluation
  • EDCP 564 – Texts, Politics & Ideologies of Curriculum
    • January 2017
  • EPSE 591 – Theory and Practice of Program Evaluation
    • Summer 2017
  • EDCP 590 – Graduating Project

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