Sandra Mathison

Professor of Education
University of British Columbia 

Sandra Mathison is a professor of education whose research focuses on educational evaluation, and especially on the potential and limits of evaluation to support democratic ideals and promote justice in education. A major emphasis in her scholarship is the intended and unintended consequences of government mandated high stakes testing on teachers, students and quality of education. She has conducted national large- and small-scale evaluations of K-12, post-secondary, and informal educational programs and curricula; published articles in the leading evaluation journals; and edited and authored a number of books.

She edited the Encyclopedia of Evaluation and is co-editor of Defending Public Schools: The Nature and Limits of Standards Based Reform and Assessment and Battleground Schools (with E. Wayne Ross). She is co-author (with Melissa Freeman) of Researching Children’s Experiences. She is co-editor of the open access journal Critical Education, a member of the Institute for Critical Education Studies, and the former Editor-in-Chief of New Directions for Evaluation.

Dr. Mathison blogs about evaluation at E-Valuation and about qualitative research at Qualitative Research Cafe.


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