Spring is here at UBC

I woke up this morning feeling bubbly. I knew I had a midterm I had to write later in the day that I wasn’t feeling the most prepared for. But that didn’t really matter because the sun outside the window was clearly telling me that the beautiful Vancouver is getting ready to be epic.

For those of you wondering what the UBC campus looks like right now, here’s a sneak peak of the ┬áSpring-welcoming-excitement that is clearly being shared by the people playing outside, and the cherry blossoms getting ready to bloom. I wouldn’t say it’s the kind of weather to be wearing tank tops yet, but you can definitely get away with a light sweater with a thin jacket. And yes, bring your sunglasses, because I’m sure that makes summer come faster.

Edit: Oh yes, and while I was out taking pictures, I forgot that all of this excitement is also to say Happy Norooz!


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