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Happy Birthday, Heather!

Today, March 10th, is a special day for Heather Gerrits, our Undergraduate Program Assistant at the department.

She is the lovely lady you’ll see first when you walk in through the door of CEME 1214.

What’s in the room? Well, CEME 1214 is the cosily lit office housing an army of the department’s student assistants, Jen Pelletier (the Undergraduate Affairs & Special Projects Manager), and of course, Heather.

It’s the place where you can feel the purple of WWEST (Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science & Technology) all around you, and also the place that reminds me of so many different department related events from the past including the IMECE 2010 (International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition) conference – because Jen and Heather have always been there, holding down the fort. Anywhere, and everywhere.

So, if you’re a prospective student of UBC Mech, and haven’t met Heather already, you will get to know her (and Jen too, of course). They’re super friendly and helpful ladies who have answers to all my admin-related questions.

And I happen to have an awesome picture of the ladies from the NSERC Chair Launch event last semester where Dr. Elizabeth Croft was ‘knighted’ (there must be a proper term for it that I should know and use) as the NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for the BC and Yukon Region.

Far left is Heather, today’s birthday lady. To her right is Dr. Green (the Head of the department), Jen, and Dr. Croft (one of my supervisors).  I am sure more about these other individuals will make it to this blog later as I rushedly try to finish my thesis in time.

But for now,

Happy Birthday Heather! 😀