Live-blogging the 2009 Vancouver PKP Conference

Conference Sessions

Opening Keynote

Free? What’s So Special About Learning? The Intellectual Property Argument – John Willinsky

Plenary Sessions

  • Scholarly and Research Communication: A Journal and Some Founding Ideas – Rowland Lorimer
  • Nothing in Scholarly Communication Makes Sense except in the Light of Open Access – Leslie Chan
  • Ibero-American Systems for the Dissemination of Scholarly Journals: A Contribution to Public Knowledge Worldwide – Ana Maria Cetto, Octavio Alonso, Saray Córdoba
  • Scholarly communication in the age of the commons – A southern perspective – Subbiah Arunachalam
  • Publishing for a Global Culture – Ngg wa Thiong’o

Editor-Themed Sessions

Library-Themed Sessions

Research-Themed Sessions

Technical-Themed Sessions