I have worn many hats as a member of the Botany Department: undergraduate, technician, graduate student, research assistant, sessional lecturer, instructor, and soon professor of teaching. There are so many people at UBC to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. My most memorable (in a good way) undergraduate instructors were from the Botany Department. They shared their enthusiasm and demonstrated their sincere care for students. Dr. Iain Taylor was an excellent role model and teacher. In his classroom he generated a learning environment of inquiry; we worked in groups (before it became trendy) to evaluate current literature to attempt to answer questions of the day. I subsequently did a directed studies and worked as a technician in his lab, which gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my research interests. His support and encouragement continued as Department Head and colleague.

Dr. Wilf Schofield not only inspired me to pursue my interests in botany, but he was an outstanding teacher. I have wonderful memories of adventures in bryology and book buying. Carol Ann Borden was my supervisor when I was a TA and then later we worked together as teaching colleagues. She was always a source of support and an excellent mentor. I learned many of her “tricks of the trade”. Dr. Rob DeWreede, inspired me as a educator; he not only shared his affection for algae and helped us see their place in the world, but was respectful of students and encouraging.

I have participated in teaching teams in a number of courses; I am inspired and challenged by my colleagues: Mary Berbee, Fred Ganders, Jeannette Whitton, Lacey Samuels, Sean Graham, and the many teaching asistants I have worked with…..and of course Jack Maze who volunteers his time to botanize with undergraduates in BIOL 210.

Many colleagues in Botany and Biology have positively impacted my experience as an instructor. The teaching faculty and graduate student teaching assistants in the Biology Program have been an endless source of collaboration and support.  The Botany Department is a positive place to work in no small part because of the office folk who provide invaluable assistance.

I couldn’t do my job without the dedication of the living collections staff. Donna Din, of the Canandian ………greenhouse horticulturist Laura Sand and the UBC Botanical folk (Kevin Kubeck, Eric Lafontaine, and Dave Greizer).

The folks at Skylight and TAG/CTLT have provide support and guidance.  I have enjoyed participating with them on projects and as an attendee and presenter at workshops.  It has been a real pleasure!
Joanne Nakonechny is in the picture on the left making up an indigo vat for my BIOL 343 class.  We have worked together on a number of projects including e-portfolio pilots to developing dye classes for Biol 343.
Collaborations with kele fleming and Emily Renoe (CTLT) keep me up to date with current teaching technologies and Lucas Wright assisted with the development of this e-portfolio and the use of WordPress.

I would also like to acknowledge my husband Terry and family (my dad and niece in picture) who put up with my botanical rantings. They also support and assist in my plant collections and excursions.

Joanne Nachonechny (Skylight) and I received 20 tablet HP PC’s to be used primarily by Biology 321 (Bryology) for field investigations.

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