Grants and Funding – Recent

These are grants/funding for which I was the primary applicant.

Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF)
$40,000.00 – “ Sustainability Pathway – Phase 1: Biology .”

$61,896.00 – “Communicating Science: development of online resource and interactive learning centre for a new course in the General Science Program.”

Skylight Grant
$3600 (not including matching funds from Zoology Dept) –  “Biology Website Development – Phase 2”
$3500 (not including matching funds from Botany Dept) –  “Website Development for Pathways in Biology”
     2010/2011:$4000 (not including matching funds from Botany Dept) –  “Sharing Bryophytes: updating the Biology 321 Public Website.”
$4000 (not including matching funds from Botany Dept) –  “Video Lessons and Tutorials for Biology Courses.

Faculty of Science Outreach Grant
 $3300 – Contrasting Landscapes

Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative
     2011 – 2014:
Funding to hire 5 Science Teaching and Learning Fellows to implement and assess the new Biology Specialization curriculum, working on the five fundamentals courses which represent five main streams in the Biology specialization (Cell, Ecology, Genetics, Evolution, and Physiology).

Hewlett Packert Education Award
$80,000 in computers and support – to develop “Classroom in the Field”. Students use tablet PCs to collect data and access computer resources on fieldtrips.