Introducing UBC PDA Postdoc Talks

Presented by the UBC Postdoctoral Association.

Postdoctoral researchers are critical to the research performed at academic institutions. UBC ‘Postdoc Talks’ is a public forum that will allow you to learn more about what postdocs do in an engaging, informal and fun atmosphere. Everyone is welcome, so share the word with your friends and family!

Details for our first event:
The Railway Club – 579 Dunsmuir St. at Seymour
Wednesday, July 8th at 7:30pm

The first event will feature two postdocs who will explain their diverse research to you in an accessible manner. Find out more about these two speakers by clicking on their names below. This will take you to our new ‘Featured Postdocs’ section on our blog!

Dr. Justin Hart: Robot self-modeling and self-other reasoning
Dr. Hart’s research involves artificial intelligence, computer vision, and human-robot interaction in which reasoning about the robot’s “self” plays an important role. In this talk, Justin will discuss how his research will enable robots to perform self-other social reasoning that will ultimately help robots to work in roles where they can act as collaborators to human operators.

Dr. Masahiro Minami: Giving peace a chance…
Dr. Minami’s research applies group dynamics theories to effective mediation, inter-group conflict resolution, and community psychosocial reconciliation in post-war contexts. After the Genocide against Tutsis occurred in Rwanda, the Rwandan government released perpetrators back into the communities. In this talk, Masahiro will discuss his research to nurture reconciliation through action, and discuss the experience of the survivors and perpetrators.

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