Session 3 Movement Journal for Sep. 25 – Terence Wong

This week, my group had the opportunity to do the group teach for net/wall games in our PE class. It was a very cool experience going through the preparation, planning, and organizing of the activity. I felt that it gave my group a good feel for how teaching PE will be like and things to learn and improve on as well.

What I think worked particularly well was that our group operated like a true team, allocating specific tasks to each other, brainstorming ideas, then coming back together to come to a common ground and plan. We worked very well together and each brought different ideas, skills, and strengths to the whole of the lesson. The time management we had on the lesson plan was able to translate into the classroom setting, which also helped to facilitate the lesson even further.

I found that there were some activities (five minute warm-up and cool-down) that we may have needed to adapt.  I believe we found it to be difficult to stretch and ‘shuffle monkey’ for five minutes straight. In this way, we could improve upon preparing different variations to the activity.

Overall, I think the learners responded very well to the lesson – everyone was participating in activities and openly responding to discussion questions based on their own knowledge of the readings and experiences.

Very happy with how the group teach went and very appreciative of the group that I had the privilege of working with.

Good luck to the rest of the groups!

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  1. I really enjoyed this class, and while the warm up was challenging, I was surprised at how long I was able to keep it up! Kudos to Rylan for his energy and enthusiasm for the shuffle monkey!
    I thought the lesson flowed well and the time to practice each skill was good.

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