Week 3 Movement Journal-Katy Machut: Physical Literacy

Through the literature about physical literacy, I have learned to change my perceptions of simply seeing this course as a way to do plain exercise. I have realized that a physical literacy is taken from a standpoint of mind and body being the same. Such an analysis I feel is important because often the mind is ignored and the focus is just on meeting fundamental movement skills. Therefore, I feel that as I teacher I should incorporate social emotional learning within the curriculum in a way a child will understand. The goal of using social emotional learning in PE is to see the child as a whole, rather than someone who needs to meet skills in a check box fashion.

I also feel that learners would benefit tremendously from alternative activities outside the classroom as suggested in our reading.  However, I question how many lessons would be optimal in case the change of venue becomes too distracting for the children. I think that I would allow time for a reflection about physical education experiences after the students returned to the classroom as a transition activity. I wonder what the best approach would be to encourage a child who refuses to take part in basketball lesson because he/she fears she will get hit by the ball?


2 thoughts on “Week 3 Movement Journal-Katy Machut: Physical Literacy”

  1. “physical literacy is taken from a standpoint of mind and body”
    Excellent point Katy! Thank you for sharing.
    This class has also shifted my understanding of PE and physical literacy. After reading the text book and participating in class it is apparent how important physical literacy in daily life.

  2. Katy, I completely agree with your post, especially about incorporating social emotional learning within the curriculum. I think that too often PE is thought of as a ‘slack class’ when really, it is a class in which we are offered the ability to express ourselves in alternative means.
    Extending physical literacy outside of just the gym and classroom allows individuals to improve their overall well-being in ways unimaginable. I think if we open up this view to students they will be able to shift their perspective on PE and open up new doors and opportunities for themselves as a whole.

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