Week 3 Net/wall games!

Sorry team!  I have been having the toughest time figuring out this whole blogging thing!  But I have it now!

Net/Wall Games

This week was volleyball basics. Starting with the very creative game of tic tac toe with an exercise kick. Followed by an intense warm-up led by Rylan, having us strafe side to side in a crouched position. This warm up is quite versatile as it can work as a warm up for many different sports including, my personal favorite; wrestling. The group teach finished their lesson by breaking us up into different stations teaching us, bumping, setting, serving and then putting it all together by keeping the ball up in a circle. I felt the way the group broke down the basics of volleyball, starting with holding an athletic stance, then teaching each major hit at different stations was a transparent and effective way of teaching. The instruction was clear, concise, and intermittent through each activity. I appreciated how we covered ways a teacher could do this lesson as a single teacher, using group leaders or instruction on a piece of paper at each station.

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