Final week

This was a great way to end the course. It consolidated everything that we have been learning about when it comes to making physical literacy part of everyday life of students. What better way to do that then to work in into different curricular areas. Hearing everyone’s ideas facilitated the idea of creating a drop box in which all of the students within the cohort could submit their lessons for future use. My only issue was that there were two different groups that were presenting that day and it didn’t seem as though there was enough time to do both. If two groups had presented in the penultimate week, it wouldn’t have been so bad; we would still have been pressed for time in that class but the last class seemed to be unfinished. With the yoga group unable to get to all areas of the lesson that they wanted to, the lesson seemed as though it were left hanging. I believe that there should have been more of a warm-up for it but there didn’t seem as though there was enough time. Because of this my hip is still hurting a week afterwards and I am thinking of going to see a doctor about it.

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