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Movement Journal for Week 3 (Sept 25th): Amanda Santos

This week my group and I were in charge of teaching the class a lesson on net and wall games and we chose volleyball as our activity. In our lesson our transitions I thought worked really well, it was really seamless and quick. I think that the rotation stations worked well as well, if we had more time in the lesson that would have helped the students really get a feel for the skills that we were showing them. Our planning went really well and I feel like we fed off each other and we agreed on all our ideas and collaborated well on all aspects. For teaching, we all knew our roles and were helpful with our group mates to help with their own part. When we were planning our lesson we knew which skills we were strong at so when it came time to teach, we could use our background and success with a certain skill and really help out all our students. I think they were caught off guard with how hard we made them work but in the end they all participated and developed more skills within the lesson.

The students responded well to our lesson and were cognitive while at each station through their attention to each leader who was showing them the skill. They were physical at each station while applying what they had observed to their own skill level and trying to be better. The students were affective in their response to the lesson through being open to everything they were learning. The students’ eagerness to learn really help us teachers keep our enthusiasm up and give all we had to helping them improve their volleyball skills. Our transitions and the hustle of the students kept the lesson on time so that there was nothing to interrupt the flow of the lesson.

I was proud of myself and my group with what we came up with and our execution of the lesson as well. I think that our students learned a lot, shook off some rust and really enjoyed some volleyball which I think will come in handy during our intramurals.