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Daniella Roze’s June 12 “Living Wild in the Stone Age” presentation was the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a long time. The slideshow photos were stunning, and the talk itself held the listeners’ attention with a combination of adventure stories, practical survival skills, and poetry. It was also interesting to hear about the spiritual insights gained from such a close personal connection to the land, to a small community of people, and to the immediate sources of one’s food and water.

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After several months of advance preparation — studying traditional hunting and gathering skills, learning to make Paleolithic tools & clothing — Roze’s group lived for one month in the mountains of northern Washington, with no modern technology.

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With ten years of experience as an environmental educator and naturalist, Daniella Roze offers nature based educational programs and workshops for children and adults. She is a graduate of the Anake Outdoor School through Wilderness Awareness School and holds a diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling. Drawing from nature as a medium for deepening connections to community and family while empowering a greater sense of caretaking of the earth, she encourages a journey of personal discovery and growth. Daniella is committed to supporting people in becoming their brightest selves. The natural world has been one of Daniella’s greatest teachers.Daniella Living Wild


Daniella will be offering two full-day workshops — “Wild Plants: Healing and Nourishment” and “Cedar Bark Basket Weaving” — at the Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre on August 16 and August 17, 2014.

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