Five Alive 2014 Tour!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014: an evening set awhirl and abuzz with inspiring words and images and insect nocturnes. And with musical guest Natalie Ingram on acoustic guitar, we had ourselves a one-night Woodhaven arts festival! Not the first, and hopefully not the last.

photo-4     photo-3

It was just by the luck of the crickets’ draw that poets Nancy Holmes and Natalie Rice (not pictured) read in the first half of the evening, and Brianna Ferguson and Megan Hunter read in the second; based on tone and subject matter these were perfect pairings.

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Salmon, rivers, and blossoming-goddess trees, wasps and musical mosquitoes and osteopoetics;* inebriation, customer-service employment, and the embodied memories of childhood; love and languages, sex and earth and walking pilgrimage. All on a hot August evening, with William Carlos Williams plums to eat. A night for poets!

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(Photographs by Karen Donaldson Shepherd)

* “poetry about bones”; neologism credit Cassandre Campeau-Bouthillier

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