Daniella Roze at the EECO

Environmental educator Daniella Roze’s “Living Wild in the Stone Age” slideshow presentation. August 15 at the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan (EECO), Mission Creek Park.

P1200109     P1200110

Here is the page that describes Daniella’s talk at Woodhaven in June, with more images from the slideshow.

P1200120     P1200122

Paleolithic technology meets present-day scholarship . . .

P1200121     P1200114

“It is not necessary to ‘go back’ in time to be the kind of creature you are. The genes from the past have come forward to us. I am asking that people change not their genes but their society, in order to harmonize with the inheritance they already have.” Paul Shepard, The Only World We’ve Got

“All around us, aspects of the modern world – diet, exercise, medicine, art, work, family, philosophy, economics, ecology, psychology – have begun a long circle back toward their former coherence. Whether they can arrive before the natural world is damaged beyond repair and madness destroys humanity, we cannot tell.” Paul Shepard, The Others

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