Daniella Roze workshops

August 16 at the Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre. A small but enthusiastic group joined us for Daniella’s “Wild Plants: Healing and Nourishment” workshop.

(Current events.)

P1200123     P1200124

We’re so fortunate to have had another visit from Daniella, whose deep knowledge and passion about the natural world — and plant life in particular — is impressive and infectious.

P1200125          P1200126

Asking the right kinds of questions. Don’t worry about coming up with an answer too quickly.  Elusiveness is not a bad thing: at one point in the morning we followed in the tracks of a mother deer and fawn, who kept flitting out of sight on the winding trail . . .

P1200127     P1200129

Getting grounded . . . sitting still and listening . . .

P1200134          P1200133

Food and medicine, without irrigation systems or waiting rooms!



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