AJung Moon

Introducing AJung (in just Six points):

First, a picture.

A snapshot of AJung from a while back, before the dark circles around her eyes became permanent.

Second, name: AJung Moon.

Whenever someone asks me what my name is, I usually don’t forget to spell my name out for them in addition to pronouncing it. I say “I’m AJung. Capital A, capital J, u, n, g.” That’s right, the second letter of my first name is also capitalized and there’s no hyphens or spaces between A and J. Why? It helps people remember me better (at least as ‘the girl with two capitals in her first name’).

Third, passion: Roboethics.

What does Roboethics mean? Bing it, or Google it, and you will soon realize that I am really into it. I am the blogger behind www.RoboethicsDB.com, where I talk about ethical issues related to robotics, and also the person behind @RoboEthics on twitter. I have been interested in the field of roboethics for years, and fascinated at how the moral landscape of this world is changing rapidly by the rise of robotics. Why? Well, that’s a story worthy of a blog post on its own!

Fourth, research: Human Robot Interaction (and…. Roboethics!)

I am a first year PhD student and a member of the CARIS lab, where robots daydream about how to be more helpful to people. I did my master’s here at UBC as well, and worked on making a robot hesitate when it runs into a conflict with someone, such as a robot and a person reaching for the last piece of chocolate at the same time… Why would a robot want the chocolate? Don’t know, but this YouTube video (0:11 to 0:12 to be precise) is pretty much what I want to recreate with the robots at the lab. Oh, and I am under the Mechatronics & Manufacturing research group. But now that is done and over with, I am looking for a cool new topic to tackle for my PhD. Want to know more about my research in general? Please visit my profile website.

Fifth, other activities: Blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, and maybe writing papers when I’m not procrastinating

I used to be the acting Communications and Public Relations Director for MEGA (the UBC Mechanical Engineering Grads Association). So, I used to spam everyone about MEGA’s weekly meetings (Wed. 11am – 12noon, CEME 2052D). But that’s no longer the case. Right now I am just busy attending to different roboethics projects, and trying to be on top of my blogging career (yes, I know, it could be a career… maybe..). But in general, I like to talk to people in person or online (hence all the social network sites I’ve signed up for). So feel free to email me questions etc. 🙂

Sixth, best ways to contact: Email & Tweet

Email is always the quickest way to contact me (ajmoon at interchange). If you are on twitter, I want to follow you! Direct messages are always welcome to @RoboEthics and always read on regular basis.

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