60A74E27-EE1A-449C-BAD9-9D934E5C536B(small white blossoms to the right of the purple alpine daisy, Erigeron alpinus L.)


Common name: Mountain Chickweed

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Synonym/Basionym: Stellaria cerastoides L.



top: Thalle Valley, Central Karakoram. Specimens from Mir Khun slope. N Hewitt July 16, 2016; UTM coord Zone 43 Easting: 593174 Northing: 3920943 ; Latitude: 35.427557 deg; Longitude: 76.026416 deg

2nd, lower: Deosai plateau, northern edge; Exposed high alpine upper SE facing slope with frost churning and bare soil in clusters of daisy, lousewort and other species. ca 4300 m; July 28, 2016. Photos: N. Hewitt


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