White daisy like flower at left (pink flower is Thymus linearis)

6DD76F90-2B2D-4871-9BBA-943CE7D9A8AFNote: The species name used in the database


Psychrogeton alexeenkoi Krasch. may be the correct name (GBIF 2021) or a synonym (WFO 2021).

Common name:

Family: Compositae


Photo: Top: Thalle valley bottom, 3700 m, Middle and bottom: Coll.# 234 photos 0631, 0839 (named Psychrogeton alexei, species 34, 110), July 2016. N Hewitt


Sources and additional resources:

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  • GBIF says Erigeron alexeenkoi (Krasch.) is a synonym of Psychrogeton alexeenkoi (Krasch.). Published in: Krasch. In: Acta Inst. Bot. Acad. Sci. URSS. ser. 1, 3: 343. (1937).

WFO (2021) Erigeron alexeenkoi (Krasch.) Botsch. Online at:
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  • WFO says P. alexeenkoi is a synonym of E. alexeenkoi (Krasch.)