Purple blossom and foliage along the bottom (foliage at centre belongs to a Compositae sp.)

F48B45DD-0804-43A7-86DA-E07130D1A1D9Photo includes Geranium pratense L.(purple blossom at far left) and main dee; Sedum ewersi blossoms (pink clusters) are emerging from beneath the Geranium foliage; Epilobium also present (far right)


sp with blue flower and pink buds, centre.

Common name: Meadow crane’s bill; Local name unknown

Family: Geraniaceae

Information: Species is invasive in North America.

Photos: Main: Skinmang Glacier, ca. 4300 m. K. Hewitt, 2010
Middle: South facing slope aspect leading to survey transect Deosai Top, Northern edge of plateau, ca. 4350 m, July 28, 2016, N .Hewitt (Photo DSC 0908).
Lower: Baumharel valley, just near survey transect, ca 3650 m, July 25, 2016. Also sighted in Thale valley. ; Deosai Plateau interior, July 22, 2016. N. Hewitt


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