Bottom photo, White blossom [also shown is Saxifraga sp. (S. flagellaris, S. stenophylla Royle or S. mucronulata Royle), yellow flower]; Synonym of Leontopodium ochroleucum Beauverd (GBIF 2021)

Common name: Local name, unknown. Member of the Lion’s paw tribe

Family: Compositae

Information: Found in many of the higher elevation 2016 survey sites, including Thalle valley. Species is within the Gnaphalieae tribe of the aster family and related to Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum from the European alps)

Photos: Top: Deosai plateau interior, ca. 4000 m, July 22, 2016, N. Hewitt. Species ID# 43.

Bottom: Location, date, elevation TBD. K. Hewitt.

Sources and additional resources:

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