Here are three more important tree species in and around UBC, Vancouver that were not in campus tour, but definitely on campus!

Species A (a native conifer):

This species of native conifer is one of the 3 major conifers found in BC’s Coastal forests. Some of the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) Zones of BC for coastal forests are named after this species

Needles and cones of the 3rd native coastal forest conifer species. By Menchi at English Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0,
Image of a young individual of the 3rd conifer species mentioned above (N Hewitt, Pacific Spirit Forest, 2020)

Species B and C (native hardwoods)

These two species are early successional, disturbance adapted deciduous hardwoods that occur in BC ecosystems. They may dominate sites that were recently cleared, until later-successional species like the 3 conifers mentioned can establish.

Trunk of the hardwood species with smooth grey bark (foliage below, Mystery hardwood species #1)
Trunk of a mature individual of the hardwood species with ridged bark (foliage below, Mystery hardwood species #2)
Left: Leaves and catkins of the important early successional tree species whose smooth bark is shown above. Occurs in recently disturbed sites. *Catkins are male reproductive parts containing pollen; Female flowers for this species develop into woody brown cones. Right: leaves of the second disturbance-adapted hardwood in BC, whose bark is also shown above. It is responsible for the cottony flotsam that has been wafting about during spring (May) in and around Vancouver. Photos: Wikipedia