Course Structure

The course is organized in six Modules and each is comprised of two to six topics. Each module typically consists of introduction, online video lectures, resources, and a self-test.

Module 1: Forest Management – Origin and Organization

Topic 1: Origins of Sustainable Forest Management

Topic 2: A Canadian Variation

Topic 3: ITTO’s Sustainable Forest Management Principles

Topic 4: The Montreal Process

Module 2: Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management 1

Topic 1: Conservation of Biological Diversity

Topic 2: Maintenance of Forest Health

Module 3: Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management 2

Topic 1: Soil Development

Topic 2: The Protection of Soils

Topic 3: The Hydrological Functions of Forest

Topic 4: Indicators of Soil and Water Conservation

Module 4: Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management 3

Topic 1: Maintenance of Forest Ecosystem Productivity

Topic 2: Maintenance of Forests’ Contribution to Global Carbon Budgets

Module 5: The Social, Economic and Cultural Aspects of SFM, and the Legal Basis for Managing Forest Sustainably

Topic 1: Indicators Used in Monitoring the Economic, Social and Spiritual Values Associated with Forests

Topic 2: Forest Governance and Rights

Module 6: Putting Sustainable Forest Management into Practice

Topic 1: Writing a Forest Management Plan

Topic 2: Certification of Forest Management

Students taking this course should work through the course methodically. You are strongly advised to study the topics in the order that they are presented, but bear in mind that it is always possible to return to particular topics to study them in greater detail.