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To get started with the course, click on ‘Start Here’ tab located at the top. Navigate your way through ‘Start Here’ and look into ‘Welcome to the course’ video, ‘Meet your instructor’ and look up ‘Course website tour’.
Where to find course syllabus, schedule, etc. To find course information go to ‘Overview’ tab. Navigate through Overview Menu to learn about the following:

Course Syllabus

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Course Format

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How the course is structured and what is the typical Module learning sequence This course consists of 6 Modules; each Module is further divided into topics. The Modules vary in length, with some containing more topics than others, and some topics containing more lectures than others. The typical Module learning sequence in this course is:

  • Module
  • Module
  • Topics
    • For each topic
      • Introduction ➜ Video Lectures ➜ Self-administered Quizzes ➜ Supplementary Readings
  • Module Summary
  • Self-administered Module Quiz
How to navigate the course site To navigate through the learning module click on the ‘Module’ tab in the top menu and navigate your way through each module using left menu to access Module topics, Module summary and quizzes. Once you select a topic on the left, you can navigate your way to the video lectures, quiz and supplementary reading through Topic top menu.
Where to go to take online self-tests or to do self-directed reflection activities The required assignments for each module include a self-administered quiz for each topic and a final module quiz.

Module self go to

➜ Module ➜ Topic ➜ Quiz

To take online module self-tests go to

➜ Module ➜ Module Quiz

What to keep in mind while working on a learning module? This course can be seen as either an introduction, or an overview, to sustainable forest management. We are developing individual courses on many of the subjects that are touched on in this course, but none of the other courses will bring all the materials together in the way this course sets out to do. Consequently, you will find that there is some overlap between this course and all the other courses available in this online program. After completing each Module (view video lectures, complete the topic quizzes, read some of the suggested materials), test your understanding by completing the quiz at the end of the Module.

The Video Lectures are the primary source of information, but to really benefit from this course, you will need to read some of the supplementary materials. A mix of online materials and textbooks has been provided. There will also be a textbook associated with the course. This is not yet available, but will be published soon.

I strongly recommend that you take the 6 Modules in the correct order, as this will help you to understand the course better.

How to keep on track To keep on track follow the Course Schedule located in Overview menu.