Welcome to the Course

Welcome to this online course on “Sustainable Forest Management in a Changing World”!

How to take the course?

The course is designed to be taken without an instructor. As a result, you will not be submitting any assignments. There are a number of self-tests throughout the course. I hope that you will find it enjoyable and that you will learn a great deal about sustainable forest management.

This online course will provide you with an understanding of sustainable forest management, and how it is adapting to meet the needs of climate change. It is very wide-ranging, and will delve into a huge range of different disciplines: zoology, botany, chemistry, physics, sociology, psychology, political science, and international relations to name just a few. This is the attraction of the inter-disciplinary subject known as forestry.

How to advance in the course?

The course consists of six sections called ‘Learning Modules’ which include the material for the course, practical exercises that replace in-class lab sessions, and problem sets. The modules are not equal in length: the first is designed to be an introductory module and the remaining five then deal with the criteria of sustainable forest management. The course is designed to be undertaken on a weekly schedule.

What’s my advice?

A word of advice: It is sometimes difficult to establish a routine for an online course, especially one that is not supervised in any way.  It is very easy to put it on the back burner! My best advice to you is to set regular times during the week.