Module 2 Self-test

Self-reflection Essay Questions:

You have now learned about forest ecosystem services and understand the four main ecosystem services provided by forest and other biomes. There have been many definitions and classifications of ecosystem services which have been defined by various authors. Try to understand all these concepts, definitions, and generic classification of ecosystem services, and apply them to forest ecosystem services. Before you continue to the next session, take a few moments to reflect on how the following questions might apply in your situation. Answer the following questions:

  1. Do we need a common classification of forest ecosystem services and why?
  2. Why do we have to be concerned about forests ecosystem services at the local, national, and global levels?
  3. What are the economic values of forest ecosystem services that have been estimated in previous studies?
  4. Among the four categories of forest ecosystem services, which one is the most important and why?

After formulating your answers, you may post them online at the Knowledge Café for this course as a way to share your ideas and glean knowledge from other students’ responses.