Module 3 Self-test

Self-reflection Essay Questions:

Please answer the following self-reflection essay questions. After formulating your answers, you may post them online at the Knowledge Café for this course as a way to share your ideas and glean knowledge from other students’ responses.

  1. What is the compatibility matrix as applied to forests?
  2. How do you determine the optimal use of forests for multiple-use of forest ecosystem services?
  3. What is a trade-off analysis, and how do you apply it in selecting the best policy option for multiple-use forest management?
  4. What are the types of multiple-use, and how do you apply the multiple-use concept in sustainable forest management?
  5. To demonstrate your understanding of payment for ecosystem services, choose either terrestrial or coastal areas (e.g. mangrove), and answer the following questions:
    • Identify the ecosystems services from the above area (what are the goods and services?)
    • What are the threats to that ecosystems?
    • What are the measures that can be undertaken to address those threats?
    • How do you want to determine the rate of payment?