Module 5 Self-test

Self-reflection Essay Question:

Please answer the following self-reflection essay questions. After formulating your answers, you may post them online at the Knowledge Café for this course as a way to share your ideas and glean knowledge from other students’ responses.

  1. Environmental changes are difficult to value because there is no price or market associated with the change. For example we can’t buy and sell carbon emissions, and a carbon market cannot exist unless industrial emissions are fully privatized and all sources of carbon are identified. How then do we measure the value of a change in carbon emission levels?
  2. Capturing economic value of forest ecosystem services is important to policy makers. What are some of the available mechanisms that can be introduced for capturing the economic values from economic valuation studies?
  3. Various methods can be used to determine the economic value of forest ecosystem services. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of these methods as applied to forest ecosystem services.