Mario at his project site

Mario is talking to Dr. Gary Bradfield (ecology, UBC) at the Beaver Lake Bog.  Mario is working on a baseline vegetation survey.  It will be interesting for the BIOL 321 class to track changes in subsequent years.

Plagiomnium the Giant

Plagiomnium insigne is commonly found growing on the floors British Columbia’s coastal forests.  A characterisitic distinguishing Plagiomnium insigne from other species is it is the largest in British Columbia. What other characterisitics aid in identifying this species?

Pogonatum in the Park



You can find Pogonatum contortum in numerous locations in Stanley Park.  It is in shady spots on a decomposing stump as well as along the banks in the disturbed sites along Merrilees Trail.  It belongs to the haircap moss group…can you see why?