Zeiss 510 Meta Images

The Zeiss 510 Meta confocal images showcase the chloroplasts within cellular compartments of the following Bryophytes.  Chloroplasts primarily flouresced using a 561 wavelength laser, few other structures were visible with other lasers.  Dyes particular to certain wavelengths, were used to differentiate between chloroplasts and any other flourescing structures. However, the only other structures visible were the faint cell walls of Scapania.

-Photos by: Francesca Salas


Phylum Marchantiophyta

Class Jungermanniopsida


Lepidozia reptans dorsal thallus whole mount, showing the chloroplasts of the stem and lateral leaves.




Scapania bolanderi lateral leaf whole mount, showing the chloroplasts of the leaf.




Thank you,

Skylight, those at the UBC BioImaging Facility, and Shona Ellis for collecting the specimens and the opportunity to work on this project.