Welcome to my Digital Blackboard!

For the purposes of this site, I will define the word Blackboard in the following way:

  1. A vehicle to used to organize my thoughts, collect my ideas, and to reflect on said thoughts and ideas.
  2. A place to P.L.O.: “Please Leave On”– the traditional way to communicate to the custodian to not erase the boards. Although I do not have a custodian to worry about in this digital context, my Blackboard is where I am storing MET artifacts that I do not wish to be erased from my memory banks and to hopefully share with other interested folks.

As I complete each course, I will add another board, from left to right, at the top of this site.  For ETEC 565 and 512, I have included many of my weekly posts from throughout the courses.  Ironically, a student in my first course, ETEC 500, suggested to all of us that we do this and I distinctly remember thinking that she was on crazy pills if she thought that I had the time to work, Masters, parent, partner AND blog. Now I wish I had taken her advice!

Here is a cool widget I found that tracks my visitors to this blog. Can you find your green dot? (If you would like to add this widget to your blog, just click on the globe to go to the website.)