A lovely visit from Dr. Michael Marker.

Each day, we are asked to complete a feedback survey for Virtual Reality: Viewpoints on a New Medium.  We are the first, face-to-face class to ever meet in MET, so student feedback is a great way to figure things out and work out wrinkles, from an administrative perspective.   The first question asks us to share one thing that we learned, and this is what I wrote for today:

“The Local is the most important Thing.” (Marker, 2018)

I am unsure if capitalization is necessary, however, I think it works here. I think that I am so enthralled by all things Michael Marker because every. single. time. I spend time with him, I not only learn from him, but I personally connect to his teachings.

Why did this particular quote stand out for me?

Probably because of my childhood…  (doesn’t everything root back to our childhood???)  Growing up, I did not stay in one place for very long.  Thirteen school changes between Kindergarten and Grade 12.  Two years, I attended three schools within the one grade! The impact that that has had on me as an adult has resulted in me not wanting to move around; the need to stay Local, is very entrenched.

It goes beyond not wanting to move homes, though.  I would never wish to change schools, let alone change professions. I have happily taught the same three courses for the last 13 years, exclusively.  Even though I will be a Master of Educational Technology this year, I have no desire to look for greener pastures in greener career paths or greener locations.  I would much rather be a change-maker on a Local level, within my immediate community. I do make the effort to share my learning on a wider stage, but who is even reading these words? Not too many people, I dare say. This post is likely just for my own eyes to see; possibly you are my only other person! (I should really swear more, should this actually be true…) To be honest, my intent in posting is very selfish in the truest form of Ayn Rand’s virtuosity.

Local is where my gold is located.

It fills my bucket, as other activities and interactions drain it. Knowing that I helped my family, my students, my school, my community— this is my happy place. And in turn, I find solace in knowing that when I need help, my people are here for me, as well.

Is this the Local that Michael was referring to ? I am not entirely sure…

Perhaps I should be less concerned with correctness, anyways.  This is very hard for me to do as I LOVE being correct when I am problem solving. Training myself to not have to be correct, to not be perfect, to focus on the journey and not the result is an ongoing  process, no question. Perhaps I should stop looking at situations as problems needing solving?  Hmmmm…

Well… if you are still reading this, and you have yet to take ETEC 521, I can’t recommend it enough. It was a gift today to have time extending my thinking from this course with a giant in his field. Here is a link to a page of my ETEC 590 eportfolio, where I describe my “A-Ha Moment” in MET. (Spoiler alert: it happened in ETEC 521! Depending on today’s date, the portfolio may or may not be finished. If it is post-August 1, it should be pretty much complete.)

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