VR/AR/MR/XR/SR literature is a thing.

Before our 5 day course begins, students have had some homework to complete.

Read a couple of papers, choose a quote, and commentate.  During MET, I have read papers from the 1980s to the current year but this reading list was unique in that so much of the literature was post-2016.   I scanned each read before committing to my assignment; it was the first time that a reading list made me want to read the entire list!

The world of academia is a fascinating microcosm; I could actually pursue a Doctoral degree that focuses on virtual reality! Dr. VRornson has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Screeshots of our EDUC 490V 96A reading list.

I settled on reading three, with the intent of reading more next week.

Diving into my professor’s paper, “A Quantumeracy Reading List”, I quickly had flashbacks to reading “The Cyberg Manifesto“.  Thankfully, my physics background helped me out but I could imagine that a person without a basic understanding of quantum physics may have had a challenge reading this work. Linking the connections between quantum theory and non-fiction works, Dr. Stooshnov reveals his true, uber-nerd colours by bringing in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Matrix, A Wrinkle in Time and more to his argument. I am looking forward to talking to him about his paper because I had a difficult time connecting the ideas to our EDUC 490V course and because of this, I did not analyze his work for my assignment. (Perhaps this is why I should have analyzed it???)

Historically, I do not eagerly put my unknowing out on the table for all to see, but my MET experience has pushed me to act in ways that I want my own students to act. It’s OK to not know stuff right out of the gates.  When this happens, ask more questions!

Assignment 1 by Dana Bjornson on Scribd

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