Last course! I can’t freakin’ believe it.

The following tweet sums up my feeling  about what is about to go down next week:

In 48 hours, I will be living the dream.

On campus.


Hans solo.

Unlimited cinnamon buns.

Am I building #campuslife up in my head? Possibly.

I’ve got a supply list, too. I have a suite with a kitchen and breakfasts will be made in-room. The bodum is packed; electronic coffee makers be damned! Low-rider folding chair. 360 camera. Ear plugs. 2 portable chargers. Picnic blanket.

I am adopting somewhat of a honey badger approach to my learning. Well… “Dana Honey Badger”, that is.  I can never truly not give a *$&@.  That is not in my DaNA. I suppose what I mean is that I am letting my authentic voice be heard.  In order for this to happen, my writing is conversational, and not through an APA-filter.  If I need to write a paper, I will push the APA requirements to its limits.  If it is not a formal paper, though… look out. I may drop a “holy crap” (should that be capitalized?) or a “Wait what?” or even a “Fan-freakin-tastic!”

Is how I am feeling similar to how I may feel when I retire? Yes!!!! That is it. My true self will finally be at 100% transparency; grammar will be but a mere consideration. And who cares??? I am outtie!

Such big talk coming from a pleaser.

I know that I will still put my all into my last course… who am I trying to kid?

Anyhoo…  I am really looking forward to the f2f (that means face to face, in case you didn’t know. omg? on my goat, etc.) I am meeting a former group member from 5 courses ago; I am going to track down professors for a hand shake or two; I am going to bring a picnic blanket and loiter on a patch of grass. Shoot some fan-freakin-tastic 360 video. I CAN’T WAIT!

I couldn’t imagine a better way to finish MET.



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2 Responses to Last course! I can’t freakin’ believe it.

  1. Yvonne

    Hey Dana, we’ll have coffee and muffins ready for you each morning too!! Living the dream. Welcome to UBC

    • Dana Bjornson

      Fantastic! You folks are very aware that most educators will be wrapped around your finger for free food. I tried starting the hashtag #likeaneducatoratafreebuffet… Not sure why it hasn’t taken off, lol. Thanks for the welcome!!!

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