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Unpacking my GT

“Good Technology” (GT) in my view, teaches or reinforces learning outcomes.  GT is engaging, and is not merely screen time for the sake of screen time. GT allows opportunities for student to reflect (privately or publicly) on their process and the process of others. GT is simple and or simplifies processes (sometimes, a whiteboard or a piece of paper is still the best technology for a situation!). GT sometimes provides students with opportunities to construct their own knowledge, yet in other times allows educators to be that guiding light. Slowly but surely, I have been using digital technology as a pedagogical tool that enhances the learning experience for both myself and my students.

  1. Google Classroom
    • I post copies of notes, tutorial videos, questions to the class, and assignments that utilize GAFE.
  2. Google Docs
    • All my labs are done on Docs.
    • Lab partners work collaboratively on one lab.
    • I provide feedback in the comments, as the students are writing their labs.
  3. Google Slideshows
    • Every project I assign, must be uploaded to a Google Slideshow, where students are required to reflect on their process.
    • One document to open for assessment, instead of 30, is a huge bonus.
  4. Desmos, Phet, The Universe and More
    • Three online reinforcement programs that often gamify the learning process, but at the very least, animate the learning process.
  5. Class Blogs
    • Students are responsible to scribe 2 -3 times per course
    • Class announcements, summaries/tutorials of lessons

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New Year, New Course, New ?

So what is the “New ?” all about?

I added that in because although I am not entirely sure where my path this semester is heading, what I do know is that it will take me to new realizations and approaches to both my own learning and how I teach.

It is quite remarkable to reflect on one’s viewpoints and opinions 1.5+ decades into teaching, then to begin a Masters, then to reflect on those same perspectives, halfway through that Masters. This is my introduction video for my second course. It is actually a bit shocking for me to watch this, as it glaringly emphasizes my lack of experience and knowledge in the world of EdTech.  The word “constructivist” wasn’t even part of my vocabulary at this point!

Whereas here is my introduction Prezi for ETEC 533.  It is not nearly as detailed as the video, but my goals at the back end are very true.

I came into MET armed with physical technology and nothing more.  Halfway through, I have now spent countless hours thinking about how to actually use technology beyond digitizing more traditional teaching approaches.  Perhaps the most significant shift in my teaching has come through the adoption of Google Classroom and its affordances. The collaborative nature of Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drawings, etc. has allowed me to change or turf many of my assignments and some of my lessons. Had I not chosen to research the merits of student blogging, I would not have made such a dramatic shift so quickly.  Pedagogy backed by research that has been examined holistically is my preferred stimulus for change.

When a pendulum’s swing is extreme in educational circles, I believe it is because the research has been dissected and only portions of it are being adhered to.  To that end, although I am eager to learn about and to put into practice new (or not so new) theory, I am also not prepared to dismiss entirely what may be considered to be “old school” practice. As educators, I think it is critical that we find models and theories that work for us, to continually tweak that process, and to consequently rock that process to the nth degree!

That is my goal, anyway, and I am looking forward to discovering my ” new ?”, this semester!

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