A Local Workshop for A Global Network 佛學及東亞宗教全球網絡前景研討會

Paper, Print & Cyberspace:

The Perspective of a Global Network

for the Multimedia and Interdisciplinary Studies of Buddhism & East Asian Religions



October 4-6, 2015


It is vital that we advance our understanding of East Asian religions as the economic and political importance of this region increases. As vehicles carrying meaning, apotropaic devices, and objects of devotion in their own right, texts have played a critical role in the interconnected religious, economic, artistic, and scientific life of East Asia. Thanks to discoveries of texts and artifacts and to increased opportunities for ethnographic observation, scholarship over the past decade has enriched our understanding of both historical and contemporary religious phenomena in East Asia. Despite these advances, study in our field still remains divided by boundaries set by national borders, academic disciplines, and sectarian lines. As a result, new evidence is unearthed but not shared widely. Historical connections between seemingly disparate times and places remain obscure. This workshop represents a small step towards breaking through these barriers by bringing together scholars and sources that have not often been in dialogue. Creating a worldwide network of institutions and scholars will allow us to access, record, and interpret material in ways that would be otherwise impossible.


Co-Sponsoring 主辦:                         UBC Buddhist Studies  Forum UBC 佛學研究論壇 &

                                                               Dharma Drum Vancouver Center (DDVC) 法鼓山溫哥華道場

Supporting 協辦:                                UBC St. Johns’ College   UBC  聖約翰學院

                                                              Social Science and Humanities Research Council 加拿大社會科學與人文科學研究


Hosting 承辦:                                     Dharma Drum Vancouver Center 法鼓山溫哥華道場

                                                             UBC St. Johns’ College  UBC 聖約翰學院


DAY I 第一日                        October 4, 2015: REGISTRATION & KEYNOTE SPEECHES 報到與主題演講

Venue                                     DDVC (Address: 8240 No. 5 Rd, Richmond)

3:00-4:00                                 Meditation Session 坐禪

4:00-4:30                                Reception 接迎

4:30-4:40                                Welcoming Remarks 歡迎致詞 (Ven. Chang Wu 常悟法師, DDVC)

4:40-5:40                                Keynote Speech主題演講 1: “A Wooden Manuscript from late Qing Yunnan: Beyond the

                                                        Print/Manuscript Distinction” (T. H. Barrett 巴瑞特; SOAS, The University of London


4:40-5:40                                Keynote Speech主題演講 2: “The significance of constructing a Buddhist knowledge base

                                                         in the diversity of Digital Humanities” (Masahiro Shimoda下田正弘; University of

                                                        Tokyo 東京大學)

6:40-8:00                              Dinner 晚宴


DAY 2 第二日                      October 5, 2015: PANELS 部會 1-3

Venue                                   UBC St. Johns’ College (2111 Lower Mall, Vancouver)

9:30-12:00                  Panel 部會 1: From Paper to Cyberspace (Chair: Robert Sharf [UC Berkeley] 主持)

1.1. 9:30-9:45                         Jiang Wu 吳疆 (the University of Arizona): “From Manuscript to Print: The Carving of

                                                          Kaibao Canon in the Tenth-century Chengdu, Sichuan”

1.2. 9:45-10:00                      George Keyworth (University of Saskatchewan): “Copying for the Kami: On the

                                                         Manuscript Set of the Buddhist Canon held by Matsuno’o Shintō Shrine.”

1.3. 10:00-10:15                     Yu Xin 余欣 (Fudan University 復旦大學): “Mutual Transformation in the Shift from

                                                        Manuscripts to Prints”

1.4. 10:15-10:30                    Vincent Goossaert (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Sciences religieuses, France): “A

                                                      Daoist Text between Manuscript, Print, and Internet: The Many Lives of the Tiantan


1.5. 10:30-10:45                   Jinhua Chen 陳金華 (UBC): “Technology, Market and Materiality in East Asian Religions”

Comment (10:45-11:00)        James Benn (McMaster) 評議

Discussion (11:00-12:00)       Open Floor 開放討論


12:00-13:30                       Lunch Break 午餐


13:30-15:20                   Panel 部會 2  Text & Image (Chair: Christina Laffin [UBC] 主持)

2.1. 13:30-13:45               Amanda Goodman (UoT): “Signs and Signatures: Some thoughts on the Circulation of

                                                  Dunhuang Ritual Manuscripts P3913, P3835 based on Codicological Considerations”

2.2. 13:45-14:00             Sun Yinggang 孫英剛 (Fudan University 復旦大學): “Text and Image: Empress Wu’s Seven

                                                 Treasures, Symbols, Images and Political Meanings of Cakravatin in Medieval China”

2.3. 14:00-14:15             Zhang Yu 張煜 (Shanghai University of Foreign Languages 上海外國語大學): Text and Image

                                               in the Context of South Asian Buddhism: Some Preliminary Remarks

Comment (14:15-14:30)       Stephen Teiser  (Princeton) 評議

Discussion (14:30-15:20)       Open Floor 開放討論


15:20-15:30                     Tea/Coffee Break 茶歇


15:30-18:00                Panel 部會 3: Carving the Dharma on the Empty Space: Digitalization (Chair:

                                                Wei-jen Teng [DILA] 主持)

3.1. 15:30-15:45              Christoph Anderl (Ghent University): “Working with Manuscripts from a Linguistic

                                                 Standpoint: The Database of the Syntax of Medieval Chinese at the Department of      

                                                Languages and Cultures, Ghent University – Current State and Future Perspectives”

3.2. 15:45-16:00            Marcus Bingenheimer (Temple University/Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts):

                                               “Problems and Solutions in the Full-Text Digitization of Dunhuang Manuscripts”

3.3. 16:00-16:15             Susan Andrews (Mount Alison University): “Many Producers, Many Pasts: Presentations of

                                                 Tanzan Shrine’s Histories on Participatory Websites”

3.4. 16:15-16:30              Paul Crowe (SFU): “E-scriptures from the Altar of Lü Dongbin: Dispensations to Spirit-

                                                 writing Communities on the Move”

3.5. 16:30-16:45              Robban Toleno (UBC): “Media Chains and Reading Methods: Illustrating Strengths and

                                                 Limitations of Digital Media with a Non-Canonical Tenth-Century Chinese Buddhist


Comment (16:45-17:00)         Robert Buswell (UCLA) 評議

Discussion (17:00-18:00)       Open Floor 開放討論


18:15-20:00                             Dinner 晚宴



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