Adolphson: Violence, Warfare and Buddhism in Japanese Society

“Violence, Warfare and Buddhism in Japanese Society”

Prof. Mikael Adolphson, University of Alberta

DateJanuary 15 (Thursday)

Time: 4:00-5:30 pm.

Venue: Room 120, C.K. Choi Building, University of British Columbia, 251 – 1855 West Mall

This talk is sponsored by the UBC Tzu-chi Buddhist Studies Forum and the Centre for Japanese Research.

Mikael Adolphson received his degrees from University of Lund, Sweden (1985, BA) and Stanford (1992, MA; and Ph. D, 1996). He was trained as a historian in the tradition of the Annales School. His main research focus was on After teaching at Harvard for years, he is now a professor at the University of Alberta. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters, he authored two monographs, The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Sōhei and Monastic Warriors in Japanese History (2007) and The Gates of Power: Monks, Courtiers and Warriors in Premodern Japan (2000), and coedited one volume, Heian Japan Centers and Peripheries (2007), all published by the University of Hawaii Press. He currently working on a SSHRC-funded project that investigates the role played by the Taira (Heike) family in the economic developments, especially trade with the continent, that occurred in twelfth century Japan.

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