September – news from UCA.

Several important updates include:

  1. On September 14, 2018, President Rahmon inaugurated the first regional university in Tajikistan, the University of Central Asia’s Khorog campus. Click For more details at UCA’s news feed, click here and  here.
  2. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan and the University of Central Asia (UCA) took a key step forward by signing an Agree of Cooperation. Click the link for more details.
  3. New and existing faculty participated in a faculty orientation workshop, with on-site contributions and workshops led by Linda Strubbe, the UBC team member who built the prerequisite physics course. See photos here and here.
  4. Starting this September, students will taking the first 3 of UBC’s 22-course contribution, in preparation for Earth and Environmental Sciences courses that begin September 2019.
  5. Co-op education is now underway at UCA. This is an innovation for Central Asia, and a key component of undergraduate students’ experiences as they develop academic and work-related capabilities. See details here.
  6. Dr. David Rodgers, geology professor at Idaho State University, is now in Khorog, contributing some of his sabbatical leave to help teach at UCA and to help develop the geoscience component of their EES degree. This is going to be an awesome collaboration that will significantly enhance their degree program, especially the geoscience courses.

For more news and announcements, see the UCA main web page at, and browse for “news”, “media”, and “announcements”.

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