An Example of a Peer Review for Definition Assignment

English 301 Lesson 1:3 Assignments: Peer review

Organizing Peer Reviews:

  • Peer reviews should be organized with sub-headings and bullet points
  • Sub-headings should include each and every element of the document under review as well as general elements
  • First Impressions is a good way to begin a review
  • For example: The Definition Peer review could have the following subheadings (bolded):
    • First Impressions:
    • Organization:
    • Introduction:
    • Definitions:
    • Visuals:
    • Grammar/Typos:
    • Works Cited:
    • Concluding comments with a bullet list of suggested revisions

AN EXAMPLE: *** Please note this example contains NO pronouns, except in the ‘thank you‘.


From : XXXXX

Peer Review / Term: Genetic Engineering

Thank you for submitting your definition assignment for lesson 1:3; this is an enjoyable read.  Please see the review of the document below with suggestions for improvements, which you should find useful.

First Impressions:

 This looks like an impressive document with all the assignment requirements well-organized, including good visuals correctly labeled and an extensive works cited list correctly formatted.


  •  A good introduction to the assignment with a clear and detailed description of intended readers and circumstances.
  • This looks like a well-organized document; bolding the headings will further improve the organization and make it easier to read quickly.
  • The title for Figure 1 is not directly below the visual on the word doc.
  • All visuals and figures need correct citation – please refer to the textbook example for proper placement.
  • The document ends abruptly, maybe a short concluding passage that returns the reader to the initial description of the “modified yeast colonies.”


  • The use of parenthetical definitions throughout the main document is excellent and really assists with understanding the definitions.
  • Overall, the expression is even and the tone is professional: clear, to the point and concise.
  • Some phrases sound too much like they come straight from an encyclopedia. For example:
    • “In the past, mankind practiced selective breeding as an inefficient alternative to genetic engineering.”
    • The problem is ‘mankind’ is both a dated and a sexist term.
    • It seems strange to call selective breeding an “inefficient alternative” to GE because GE did not exist until recently, so it could hardly have been an alternative to breeding in the past.


  • The document is complete according to the assignment requirements; it includes
    • A detailed introduction
    • Three forms of definition
    • Four types of expansion
    • A visual
    • A works cited list


  •  While the two visuals are correctly labeled  and numbered– they are too small and more explanation of these visuals will assist in understanding.

 Works Cited List:

  •  An impressive works cited list – however,  correct MLA style is required.

Grammar and Typos:

  • There are a number of small errors; one example is: “Genetic engineering is a type of biotechnological methods that relies on direct manipulation of the organism’s genome.”
  •  Please note that “a type” is singular and “methods” is plural; this needs correction.

 Concluding Comments:

 Your definition is interesting to read; informative and nicely organized, thank you. With the following edits, and a good proof read for small errors, this will be a really useful and excellent document:

  • Bolding headings will improve readability
  • Correcting problems with visuals is needed
  • Self-editing for typos and grammatical expression is needed (see note above)
  • Including a proper conclusion will be helpful
  • Double checking Works Cited list

Thank you and please feel free to ask any questions, it has been a pleasure reviewing this work. Enjoy.

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