Memorandum for Linkedin Best Practices


To: Team members to SubaoJang of ENGL 301
From: Luke Jang
Date: June 27, 2020
Subject: Best practices for professional networking on Linkedin

This memo is about creating a Linkedin account for the purpose to networking and advertising yourself to the job market. Please see below list for the outline of 10 best practices for using Linkedin for a successful use of the website.

1. Pick a suitable profile photo for your profile. First impression is always important to people when others make judgement on you, therefore, consider using an appropriate and professional picture of yourself for the profile.

2. Include your headline in the profile. Instead of just putting your current job title as a headline of your profile, it can look more flavourful to potential employers if you input your own impression on your role such as a reason for taking a role.

3. Make sure that you have a summary on your profile. The summary in your profile tell others my story that could be also personal, which could look attracting to others. Be creative and compose one !

4. Make sure you fill in all the details for your profile and try not to leave too many areas blank, because the more information you can give out, the more attraction you might get.

5. Synch your profile with your email address so that Linkedin automatically suggests individuals that could be a good match for you.

6. Take the Linkedin skills assessment so that you can earn Linkedin perks like a Verified Skills badge. This can prove that you are skillful in certain areas.

7. Ask others for recommendation. This is a testimonial about you from other people and it works like a reference. Having a good reference always looks good on you.

8. Interact by following others in industries that are relevant to you. By doing this, you can have relevant information in your Linkedin feed.

9. Fill out your past experience with full details so that people can know what duties and tasks you have performed in the past. This will give them more insight to what type of person you are as an employee.

10. Add comments to things that you post and share. This shows that you are active on Linkedin.

Linkedin is basically like Facebook for working professionals. It can greatly help individuals find jobs or find employees for their own business. Therefore, having a good looking profile is crucial in the job market. The list above can help you successfully use Linkedin in an efficient way.

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