LinkedIn Best Practices Memo



To:                       The Ramblers Professional Writing Team

From:                  Cody Gagnon, ENGL 301 98A Student

Date:                   June 29, 2020

Subject:              LinkedIn Best Practices


LinkedIn, the professional networking site, has many features to help job seekers showcase their skills and experience to potential employers. However, LinkedIn’s many features can be overwhelming for newcomers and experienced users trying to make the most of the site. Below are some quick tips to help you create an online profile that will win the attention of top employers in your industry.

  1. Create a Personalized Profile URL: Create a URL with your name and include a hyperlink in the Contact section of your resume.
  2. Upload a Professional Photo: Have a photographer or friend take a portrait of you (shoulders and above) wearing attire appropriate for your industry and role. Experiment with different lighting and remember to smile!
  3. Add a Customized Background Photo: Choose a photo or image that represents you and your work for the banner that runs across the top of your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Use Keywords: Use industry keywords in your Profile Summary and Skills section to help employers find your profile when they search for their next hire.
  5. Craft Your Headline: Tell people who you are and what you do in 120 characters or less, so that your profile stands out in employers’ search results.
  6. Update Your Experience and Education: Keep your Experience and Education sections current and remember to highlight your professional accomplishments using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Results) method.
  7. Prove You Are Skilled: Demonstrate your skills by taking a LinkedIn Skill Assessment. Then, endorse your connections’ skills – they may return the favour!
  8. Follow Great People and Companies: Follow people you admire and places where you want to work to keep your LinkedIn Feed relevant and interesting.

For more LinkedIn tips, see my sources listed in the Works Cited section below. Happy job hunting!


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